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So after a few years, I’ve finally added comments back to my tumblr again, via Disqus. I used to have Disqus comments here once, a long time ago, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I took it off.

I’ve been using Disqus more frequently this past year, and I’m beginning to like the way it works nowadays, so it’s back! Feel free to leave some comments, and have a conversation with me about dancing!

SWEET! Someone forwarded me a link to the song in this video. Unfortunately, it’s a remix by a DJ…and I can’t buy or download the song! :(

This is in Portuguese, right?

OMG this song is BEAUTIFUL! Ear-gasmic! Anyone know the name and artist? Also, is this Portuguese?

Kizomba-Monica Kay (Kizomba Harmony) with Jeffrey and Leila

Kizomba Harmony Monica Kay freestyle Kizomba practice with both Jeffrey Jerome and Leila Kizme during the Kizomba Harmony 100% KizOSemba Event April 11-13, 2013.

Classes with Kizomba Harmony in Houston, Tx are every Wednesday at StudioMio Dance 4150 Westheimer Rd #100

Houston, Texas 77027

730pm Kizomba fundamentals

830pm Kizomba beginners plus

930pm: Semba

For more information:



Facebook Fan Page:


Melissa Hamilton: The Royal Ballet

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This is currently entertaining me to no end.

I love this so much.

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Ballerina Beckanne Sisk. Photo Credit: Oliver Endahl.

When I find a small space to dance on the dancefloor


by Allen Parseghian


by Allen Parseghian

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Sexy social salsa dancing in Paris, France. The music in the promotional video isn’t salsa though, it’s more like jazz or something…but it still sounds pretty catchy! And you know, the song is sung in French, so it kind of sounds a little sexy too ;)

Google translated the video description for me:

The Salsa Club evenings take place in Paris, 500 meters from the Gate “Quai d’Ivry,” the Orchid, a beautiful air-conditioned room of 300 square meters.

This event is organized by DJ J-SER, with guest DJ Mulato.

And here’s the original French:

Les soirées LESALSA’CLUB se déroulent en région parisienne à 500 mètres de la Porte “Quai d’Ivry”, à l’Orchidée, une très belle salle climatisée de 300m2. 

Cette soirée est organisé par Dj SER-J et pour l’occasion Dj Mulato en GUEST…

Tango dance demo to Hey Gypsy Boy by Jimi Hendrix. Something different. At the 2014 Denver Fusion Exchange.

DFX2014 Natural Tango Instructor Demo to “Hey Gypsy Boy” by Jimi Hendrix

Nick & Diana’s January 11 performance at the Denver Fusion Exchange 2014 —

It is impossible to ignore the inherent magnetism of Nick and Diana’s dancing and teaching. From the moment they step onto the floor until they leave, you are caught in a story that is a discovery every moment, that you do not want to end. As enthusiastic teachers, choreographers, performers, DJs, and musicians, Nick and Diana are invited to tango festivals and workshops around the world. They have performed in the show “Tango Times” with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne at the St. Louis Tango Festival “Hot Winter Tango”, as well as at their own “Natural Tango Festival” in 2011. They taught and performed at the “Vantango Fest” in 2011. Also, they were special guest artists and choreographers for the show “The Tango Zone” in NYC in 2010. They have taught and performed in tango and blues dance communities around Europe and Australia.